RyPax – Top Pharma Packaging Solution Providers 2020


With the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to ensure patient adherence is more important than ever. Telemedicine and home delivery of prescriptions have expanded rapidly to help doctors, pharmacists, and other professions provide more effective healthcare. In response, federal and state governments have amended a wide range of regulations to permit remote doctor visits and  telepharmacy. These changes have increased the importance of finding new ways to ensure medication adherence and smart packaging.

As a pioneer in molded fiber packaging, RyPax has already started offering smart packaging enhancement options to their customers. The company supplies customers with E Ink’s e-paper digital displays or PBrain’s chatbot technologies on its eco-friendly packaging solutions. RyPax’s molded fiber packaging with E Ink’s ePaper digital displays can display critical product information and user instructions prominently, conveying the message in a more straightforward manner and thus improving patient adherence. This technology can also integrate with electronics to monitor and verify the product status, creating a connected, interactive user interface on the product packaging. In light of this new development, the need for sustainability also becomes an important consideration. Many packaging company leaders are already reviewing their entire process, to ensure that their companies work towards a greener future.

Consequently, RyPax also focuses on the sustainability side by developing a smart sustainable packaging solution that will provide cost savings and help improve the patient experience with the product. Alvin Lim, the CEO of RyPax, informs, “By featuring a chatbot technology on RyPax molded fiber boxes, user manuals are converted into a digital interactive experience.” This results in a 50 percent reduction in user manual thickness, 20 percent reduction in box profile, and ultimately 20 percent reduction in storage and freight costs. Being a proud member of the International Molded Fiber Association, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association, RyPax actively participates in various meetings and events that would shape the packaging’s future. During these sessions, the latest technological advances are shared, and it was through one of these meetings that RyPax formed a partnership with E Ink to develop a sustainable and smart packaging solution specific for the pharmaceutical industry.

What steers RyPax to the forefront of technological advancement for the industry is its team of well-trained and experienced engineers who are constantly on the search for the most advanced solutions to offer the clients. As a leading manufacturer, RyPax has co-developed advanced equipment and processes with partners to tailor-make products to meet specific requirements. These achievements include using compostable and recyclable materials, tooling design, packaging performance tests, quality assurance, FSC certification, and many more. “RyPax Smart Molded Fiber packaging solutions are the perfect fit for forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies as they move into the future,” says Lim. RyPax is constantly on the search for the most advanced solutions to offer its clients. This includes initiatives like collaborating with universities to conduct research and development into more eco-friendly ideas, expanding the use of molded fiber into product packaging, and more.


– This article was written by Pharma Tech Outlook and first appeared in the Dec 2020 copy of the magazine.

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