Frequently Asked Questions for Rypax

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping environmentally sustainable brands with their packaging needs since 2006.

Molded fiber is a material made from recycled corrugated pulp, paper or fast growing natural fibers such bamboo, bagasse and reeds. Our raw materials are sourced from responsible suppliers who are FSC certified.

RyPax has the engineering, design and logistics resources to meet clients’ needs every step of the way – from designing unique prototypes to manufacturing and delivering only the highest quality molded fiber packaging.

RyPax is the international division of The Wing Fat Printing Co., Ltd and has offices and production facilities across the United States of America, Macau and China to serve clients globally.

Estimated pricing involves various key factors:

  1. Part dimension
  2. Design complexity
  3. Production timeline

Contact us and we will be able to give you an assessment on estimated costings once we have your design/product files.